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A Brief Take on the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross or ICRC was first set up in 1863 for two main purposes. One was to give humanitarian assistance to people who were affected by armed violence or conflict; the other was to maintain international human rights and humanitarian laws. Today, ICRC provides disaster relief, visits detainees, addresses sexual violence, protects civilians, provides medical and health care support, restores family connections, and much more.

With over 13 million members in 187 countries, ICRC is considered a neutral and independent organization that is based on the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and pledges of International Red Crescent Movement and International Red Cross. An executive body or Directorate, an Assembly and an Assembly Council govern ICRC. In terms of financial assistance, ICRC gets aid from governments of the Geneva Conventions, private and public sources, national Red Crescent and Red Cross societies. It is customary for ICRC to request for funding each year for financing its various activities and the maintenance of its headquarters in Geneva.

Apart from being the world's biggest humanitarian network, ICRC is much needed because of its very ability to respond swiftly and efficiently in any natural disaster or armed conflict situation for providing the necessary humanitarian aid. Considering how anything can happen in the case of a natural disaster or war zone, this very ability is indeed priceless and incomparable. ICRC has provided its service in various third world countries and continues to do so. For example, there is emergency assistance, water and agriculture projects not to mention basic health care and medical programs given by ICRC in Somalia, which is considered a war zone area.

The German Red Cross was established 150 years ago. It has 4 million members and volunteers who serve nationally and internationally. With the key principle of empowering people so that they can help themselves, the German Red Cross performs various tasks nationally like tracing and reuniting families, giving civil protection and emergency medical services. Internationally, the German Red Cross focuses on disaster risk reduction, relief and readiness to help susceptible communities improve on aiding themselves during a disaster.

Responding to an estimate of 70,000 major and minor disasters nationally every year, the American Red Cross provides food, shelter, health care and more to those in need. It also happens to be the biggest blood supplier in the US with an estimate of 4 million people donating blood via its blood donation programs annually. The American Red Cross also provides various health and safety training like Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid nationally. It reaches out to an estimate of 100million people globally every year.

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