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A chapter of the Red Cross everywhere has the same problem. It needs money to exist. For example it helps handicapped persons to be transported from one place to another. Therefore the chapter needs a car – how can they find  a sponsor who is willing to spend a car? This would not happen so often and when there is a sponsor then they would get an old car, and the costs for repairing are very high – to pay by the Red Cross Chapter. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

Perhaps Haywoodredcross can learn from German Red Cross Chapters. They look for a favorable car to be leased, and then they go to all the business people around the county and “sell” the car body shell piece by piece for advertising. A Florist, a bakery, a lawyer, a butcher, an insurance agent, big and small companies – they all can get the opportunity to be presented everywhere the car is seen driving or parking. The advertising fees cover the lease cost, and so Haywoodredcross would have a new car at no costs.

But also Floristik may serve Haywoodredcross in a special way. Do you remember what there are for customs on Valentine's day or Mother's day? Yes, you should present your girlfriend or your mother at least with a bouquet of flowers. But where can you buy it? Surely you can take the trouble to go to a florist. But more convenient it should be when you can buy the bouquet in a more simple way. And this is a good opportunity to collect some money for Haywoodredcross. They could buy Floristik at wholesale prizes and then sell it to the walkers on busy places. And the profit would be still higher if the wholesale dealer would write out a donation receipt for the acquirer of the Floristik. 

Blood donation is another source of income for a Red Cross Chapter. People give blood, and the Red Cross can sell the blood bottle to a hospital or an ambulance. But it is necessary to give the blood donor something for his blood. And why is not Floristik a possible gift to thank him? Surely, Haywoodredcross has to feed the donor for his convenience. The blood donor would be very glad to receive a flower. Especially women are very thankful for such small things with a great value for remembering.

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