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Haywoodredcross supports Handball, Fußball & Tennis

Haywood county is a typical county. You will find here some kinds of sports like Handball, Fußball & Tennis, but also the specific American sports like basketball, American football, golf or baseball. There are a lot of private sport meetings. Children go to a place to play basketball or play football on a green lawn, adults meet on a golf course, and even older people have their own sport – may be it is bridge or poker.

Private sport events need not any support by Haywoodredcross. But if clubs arrange the mastership of Haywood county then there are a lot of visitors beside the playing field or in the hall. And the same will be there during events like a match in any sports league. Many visitors cheer for the sportsmen and sportswomen, and therefore they fight hard to win the match. May it be Handball, Fußball & Tennis, may it be any other kind of sports – a hard fight may sometimes be so hard that athletes will be injured. And for this case every club or other organizer has to care for the presence of a medical scientist and a first aid equipment.

This is a good opportunity for Haywoodredcross to be present in the public. Everybody sees how important it is to be prepared for a case of an injury. A slight injury will be medicated directly on the sports field or in the arena. We hope that it is not a serious accident. But if yet then Haywoodredcross knows advice and help. The patient will be transported by ambulance to the Haywoodredcross hospital where all necessary infrastructure is available so that the patient will  convalesce quickly.

So Haywoodredcross is a great supporter for Handball (see Handball Shop), Fußball & Tennis. Not with money but with any necessary help on all sports events. Sportsmen and sportswomen may be sure that Haywoodredcross will care for all the necessary activities so that no accident will cause a permanent damage.

Sports events mostly are outside the business hours for medical staff. But Haywoodredcross has no difficulty to recruit staff for such events. Staff will be supported by the clubs and organizer by having free entry. That saves some dollars. Therefore staff is gladly ready to do the service. They hope to look at a good and fair Handball, Fußball & Tennis play without any accident. So they can enjoy the event, and all are happy, the sportsmen, the sportswomen, the organizer and the staff of Haywoodredcross.

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