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Haywoodred cross – and all the other Red Cross chapters – are very interested in collecting blood. It is an important source for money to cover the expenses for all the activities which Haywoddredcross offers not only people but also clubs and associations, schools and especially hospitals. So Haywoodredcross looks always for donors who donate blood without receiving any payment.

But Haywoodredcross helps the donors by returning them some interesting things. If a donor goes on a  journey, in German Reisen, then it is helpful that he knows his blood group. At every donation of blood at first Haywoodredcross determines the blood group. So the blood group is well known – and they can give the donor a passport which informs about his special blood type. If he has an accident and he must be hospitalized the hospital at once will get the information about his blood group which is important in the case of a necessary blood transfusion. Of course they will test the blood group to avoid any mistake. But the help will be faster when a passport from Haywoodredcross with the blood group will be at hand.

And a Haywoodredcross passport will be understood all over the world. It is the English language which makes it so international. So when an American citizen goes on Reisen to Germany or another part of Europe he will not have any problem in presenting his Haywoodredcross passport when it is necessary. In Great Britain of course everybody can read it. And at Reisen to Germany it is the same. Every educated German can read an English passport, and when he is a physician he will also understand all the specific datas like blood group. (see www.teneriffa-online.com)

Such a passport from Haywoodredcross may content a several more specifications than the blood group. There are some more characteristics of blood which will be determined by a donation of blood. And they can also be documented in the passport.

And then think of other things like necessary pills and other medical products which may be necessary for a man or a woman who goes on Reisen. If he or she can go to a pharmacy to buy some of these products they will understand the needs. But if the traveler has lost his consciousness for example by an accident? Then the physician in a hospital knows at once which preparation is necessary. And he can consider this in his therapy.

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