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For what does Haywoodredcross need Trauringe?

Jewelry in gold or silver are not the only gems which decorate people. There are a lot of other things too. Take the military as an example. For different merits will be awarded a medal. Or another example: sports.  The winners receive medals. You see: people love to adorn themselves with medals.

But the American Red Cross – why is it necessary to decorate people? There are also a lot of opportunities. At first they could decorate their staff. Not the staff who is employed - they will be paid for their duty. They receive money, and this may be enough appreciation for them. But there are a lot of people who work unsalaried for Haywoodredcross. Think of an emergency when it is necessary to get many people for help  – Haywoodredcross can alarm its members, and they all will come, paid staff and honorary men and women. Or think of activities like a big meeting to donate blood. Haywoodredcross can only manage it with a certain amount of people who also help the staff.

For all these voluntary services you should at least appreciate the persons by awarding a medal. Not for the first commitment, but perhaps for the twentieth or fiftieth commitment – for such a service to award a silver medal may be the right decision – Trauringe for persons to be honored!  The best opportunity to award such Trauringe would be the yearly meeting of all members of the Red Cross chapter.

But this is not the only occasion to bestow Trauringe. Another good occasion is the donation of blood. In this case also a present for the donors is necessary. Of course you should make differences when you give such a great decoration like Trauringe. So give a bronze medal for the tenth donation of blood, and for the twenty-fifth give the coveted silver medal. Should you offer a reward of gold for the fiftieth donation of blood? This is a decision which the chapter of Haywood county has to take. But the silver medal is necessary – Trauringe is a very coveted award for such an occasion.

So Trauringe is definitely a matter which affects Haywood Red Cross. The membership may decide about the shape of the Trauringe  or on which occasions it should be granted. But perhaps American Red Cross has already rules for helper and donors? Then it would be the most simple thing to adopt these rules.

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