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Haywoodredcross supports Wasserbetten

Wasserbetten are not only a little bit luxury. They are also a good idea for many handicapped persons who have difficulties with a normal mattress. For example elder people are not so agile and appraise to lie in a bed which is more flexible. Or another example: people who suffer from a bad sleep like to have a bed which can be easily adjusted for a softer or a harder lying. And people who drive a lot would esteem to find Wasserbetten in a motel which can be adjusted according to their personal convenience.

So these advantages of Wasserbetten are also very welcome in a hospital. Haywoodredcross operates the biggest hospital in Haywood county. It is very popular with people from all parts of the county. The reason is that Haywoodredcross has discovered these advantages of Wasserbetten for its patients. Not all but most of the rooms are equipped with Wasserbetten.

It is not the cheapest possibility to operate a hospital. But many sick persons love these beds and recover more quickly. And due to the fact that the hospital of Haywoodredcross is so in vogue there is mostly no vacancy. This allows the Haywoodredcross to master the bigger expense for Wasserbetten, and nevertheless the hospital works without loss. If there were a vacancy of twenty, thirty or forty percent it would not be such a well managed hospital.

The next step to introduce Wasserbetten is planned. The ambulances are still equipped with conventional beds. The patients must be fixed during the drive. Therefore not only a special holding is necessary but also special waterbeds which allow a faster and better fixing. The first tests were successful, and so it will last not much longer til all the beds in the ambulances are replaced by Wasserbetten. This is the right way for a treatment with care for the patients as a physician of Haywoodredcross hospital has said.

Haywoodredcross and Wasserbetten - will this alliance be of duration? Yes, means a spokesman. The Wasserbetten are not only very convenient for the patients but also for the staff who has to clean the beds. A normal mattress needs a special cleaning. But a waterbed can be simply wiped with a wet cloth. This saves a lot of time needed for cleaning the beds. Therefore the staff also loves the Wasserbetten.

By the way: the last year was so successful for Haywoodredcross hospital that the staff receives an additional bonus.

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